Farm and Estate Management

Optimizing the potential of your land will always be a priority. But you can find yourself with a very long list of things to do! Indeed, you might be so busy that you simply don’t have the opportunity to enjoy your land or to spend as much time as you would like with family and friends. Maybe you have projects to tackle but lack the knowledge, expertise or equipment to complete them. Either way, I can ensure that you realise your vision for your farm or estate and that you have more free time to enjoy it.

Whether your estate requires an intensive programme of works or light maintenance just one day each month, I am able to offer you professional, efficient and cost effective land management services. Using my own equipment, contractors or your machinery, I will complete projects whilst adhering to agreed schedules and budgets. You can expect quality delivery and attention to detail in everything that I do.

You will discover a wealth of information throughout this site regarding my services, the expertise I can provide and how you can enhance your land whilst promoting wildlife conservation. The following are the services that I offer, simply click on any service for further information.

Wild flower meadows
Field margins
Wetlands, ponds and streams
Grassland including grazing and sports amenities
Roadside embankments and verges
Deer management
Invasive weed control
Whole farm and estate management