Fencing Services


Fencing is a crucial aspect of your infrastructure. Whether your primary concern is aesthetics, dividing property or confining livestock, it is important to make the right choices and to plan carefully. The purpose of the fencing, the nature of the terrain, the demands of maintaining the fencing and the location of gates must all be considered.

Good fencing will secure your livestock and protect it from potential predators. Your animals will be less likely to injure themselves, disputes with neighbours will be minimised and collisions on the roads will be avoided.

Fencing should be a long-term investment which serves you well for many years. The better the materials and the quality of the construction, the longer the fencing will last and the more likely it is to be trouble free.

I can assess your requirements and priorities, make informed recommendations, supply the materials and erect the fencing. When supplying fencing I always use best practice and the highest quality materials.

Stock net, plain and barbed wire, electric wire, rabbit net.

Plastic net, wire net.

Post and rail (round and square), electric tape and rope, netting.

Park steel railing, riven chestnut and oak.

Close board, palisade, panel, woven hazel.

Hardwood, softwood, and steel. Can be made to measure.


Electric Fencing

Providing it is correctly installed, electric fencing is a cost effective and practical option which is safe for both people and livestock. Animals quickly learn to steer clear of the fencing which becomes more of a psychological barrier than a physical one. Horses are less likely to attempt to break through or jump electric fences than solid fences when they have been spooked and so this type of fencing is often safer than the alternatives.

Electric fencing can be temporary or permanent in nature. Permanent fences are perfect for securing paddocks and can be used for containment or for protecting horses from injuring themselves on solid wooden structures. The electric fencing will also protect the wood from damage and so could save you money over the longer term. It will keep your livestock in and unwelcome visitors out!

Temporary fencing is ideal if you wish to segregate areas of paddock or need to create a small area of containment. The sections of temporary fencing can be moved about to suit whenever you need to.

So, electric fencing is an efficient, safe and practical choice. It is also a cost-effective option for your land and can serve you well for up to 40 years whilst requiring minimal maintenance. But electric fencing must be installed advisedly and earthed correctly. It must also feature the appropriate warning signs!