Meadow Habitats and Biodiversity

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Why Meadow Habitats are imperative for Biodiversity A meadow is a crucial habitat which could comprise over 150 different species of flower and grass that support a myriad of insects from bees and beetles to grasshoppers and butterflies, [...]

Hedgerows For Wildlife

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How to plant and manage hedgerows to increase biodiversity and create an effective wildlife habitat.. Hedgerows were generally planted to show ownership boundaries, provide shelter for livestock, while also being stock-proof barriers between fields. Some have older [...]

Biodiversity Offsetting- What is it, how does offsetting work and who can benefit..

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Bio Diversity Offsetting – How both land owners and nature are benefiting... Biodiversity Ofsetting.. sounds a bit scary doesn’t it?! Sounds really like something that big developers and huge government organisations do.. How could you as an [...]

Rewilding… Why we should all be aware of rewilding and its benefits

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Rewilding.. Nature innovation by going back to Britain's wild origins In the most basic of terms ‘rewilding’ is the practice of returning vast swathes of countryside and natural habitat to how nature intended; including the reintroduction of [...]

Seasonal Wildlife Spectacles and Where to Find Them…

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Our region has some of the most beautiful wildlife spectacles, not just through the Spring and Summer months but even now as the nights draw in and the temperature falls; Autumn has some really fantastic sights too. We have [...]

Creating a Wildlife Habitat – Ponds and Wetlands

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Creating a Wildlife Habitat – Ponds – Why and How One of the best ways to create a hard-working, year-round, biodiverse habitat is by creating a wildlife pond or wetland. Wetlands and ponds provide habitat and food [...]

Dredging Ditches – Flooding help or hazard?

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Current DEFRA regulations state that you can, in most cases, dredge ditches and streams that run through your land without permission or approval. Over dredging can, in fact, increase flooding and not reduce it as people have long believed. [...]

Woodlands and Hedgerows.. Could you create a lasting biodiverse habitat?

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When we think of Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds I’m sure we all have visions of woodlands, meadows and green pastures, but – perhaps surprisingly to some – Oxfordshire has amongst the lowest percentage of woodland coverage in England. The [...]

Japanese Knotweed – Identification and Treatment

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You might have heard about Japanese Knotweed but do you know how to identify it and what to do with it if you have it on your land…? What is Japanese knotweed? Japanese knotweed was introduced to Britain by [...]