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Wild Flower Meadows – Why It’s Important to Cut and Clear

By |2017-08-09T10:51:12+00:00August 8th, 2017|Environment, Grassland, haymaking, Insects, Land Management, Wild Flowers|

Wild Flower Meadows -  Why It’s Important to Cut and Clear  Wildflower meadows are a stunning feature of your land and one which helps wildlife to prosper. But meadows require maintenance in order to remain at their best. [...]

The Problem with Poo – Should You Poo-Pick Your Field?

By |2017-06-16T08:31:22+00:00June 15th, 2017|Environment, Equestrianism, Fencing, Grassland, Insects, Land Management|

The Problem With Poo If you are an equestrian, poo-picking your paddock is probably not a task that you relish. It’s hard work and unpleasant but are you wasting your valuable time? Is clearing your paddock essential [...]

Amenity Grassland and Wildlife Habitat Creation

By |2017-06-06T15:21:34+00:00June 5th, 2017|Environment, Fauna, Grassland, Insects, Land Management, Nature, Wild Flowers|

Amenity Grassland and Wildlife Habitats Our nation’s wildlife is often restricted to semi-natural habitats. It can be difficult for many species to prosper when these sites are isolated and the connections between them, which act as wildlife [...]

Nature’s Amazing and Beautiful Mimics

By |2017-06-06T15:22:22+00:00June 3rd, 2017|Endangered Species, Environment, Fauna, Gardens, Insects, Land Management, Nature, Wild Flowers|

Nature's Amazing and Beautiful Mimics  Is it a wasp? Is it a bee? Actually, it might be a hoverfly! The humble Hoverfly’s only defence against predators is it impressive speed. So, several species have evolved to resemble [...]

What Estate Agents Will Never Tell You!

By |2017-06-01T23:25:02+00:00June 1st, 2017|Deer Management, Fencing, Grassland, haymaking, Land Management, Uncategorized, Woodland|

What Estate Agents Will Never Tell You You may have spent much of your life dreaming about owning your own estate. Perhaps your children growing up so quickly has made you realise that country living would be [...]