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I have started 2018 with a simple goal, I – with your help – am going to create 100 new wildflower meadows in the UK this year.

Natural England estimates that in the 50 years from 1930 – 1980 over 97% of the meadowland in the UK was lost, and as little as 75000ha remained intact in 2010. You and I are going to take steps to begin to reverse this trend.

If we can all create a small patch of meadow in our garden, then together we make a patchwork of habitats which when all added together, help replace meadows lost over the years. I have 3 small meadows in my front and back gardens, and I still have room for a lawn for my children to play on!

Meadows form crucial habitats. Just one healthy meadow can be home to over 100 species of wild flowers and grasses, not to mention the array of wildlife that makes it it’s home. From insects to small mammals and birds, wild flower meadows not only house but also feed a huge variety of creatures.

One of the great advantages of our 100 Meadows project is that the land requirements are as little as 5 square meters – ideally more but we are happy for you to start small!

Soil quality is also not a problem, as we will test the soil and tailor the seed varieties to suit your land as part of the package! For those of you who don’t have naturally green fingers, and are worried about the work involved, not to panic! Wild flower meadows don’t need additional feed or watering; just prepare the ground, sow the provided seed, wait, do a little bit of weeding and enjoy.

How can you get involved..?

By simply entering your project details in our easy to use enquiry form below, this registers your interest in creating one of the 100 Meadows.

Alternatively from as little as £50 James Gillies Consultancy and the 100 Meadows initiative will provide you with soil analysis, instructions  and a tailored wildflower and grass seed mix, helping you create your own meadow habitat for wildlife.

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As a fantastic thank you for being a part of our first 100 meadows community, photographs will be selected from the meadows created in 2018 and will be used to form a commemorative gallery.