From humble beginnings to 1000 meadows in 2019…

Who would have thought that from a chilly morning at Blenheim Palace Gardens in February 2018 that we would have come as far as we have!

Many of just have new years resolutions that go nowhere, but in January 2018 James decided he wanted to not only work with land owners but also to inspire and empower people to create their own habitats, no matter how big or small.

We launched ‘100 Meadows’ with the aim to create 100 new wildflower meadows during 2018 and we have been completely overwhelmed by the response and with the media coverage of the initiative.

This year we are hoping to inspire many more people across the UK to create their own habitats, our lofty – but we believe completely achievable – goal is to spur anyone and everyone to create their own wildflower habitat in whatever space they have available.

A patchwork of small habitats across the UK will help create a corridor for pollinators helping wildlife thrive.

Natural England estimates that in the 50 years from 1930 – 1980 over 97% of the meadowland in the UK was lost, and as little as 75000ha remained intact in 2010. 

By becoming involved with the 1000 Meadows Initiative you and I are going to take steps to begin to reverse this trend.

If we can all create a small patch of meadow in our garden, then together we make a patchwork of habitats which when all added together, help replace meadows lost over the years.

I have 3 small meadows in my front and back gardens, and I still have room for a lawn for my children to play on!

Meadows form crucial habitats. Just one healthy meadow can be home to over 100 species of wild flowers and grasses, not to mention the array of wildlife that makes it it’s home. From insects to small mammals and birds, wild flower meadows not only house but also feed a huge variety of creatures.

To register your interest, discuss the project or for press enquiries please register your details below and one of our dedicated meadows team will be in contact with you within 3 working days.

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